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i had a glass fuge made for me by wet/ to sit behind a nano tank of mine and decided i have to much crap crammed into this tank and want to go back to a simple design. i removed the fuge about 2 weeks ago and looped the intake and return into a closed loop so its like a mini tank but i'm getting tired of topping the darm thing off so am going to tear it down. the contents are:
12lbs very very live sand,
some grape culerpa, angel hair macro thats going nuts, halimeda
a few other types and maybe a few little frags that are under the macro if there still alive.
i'll be comming over to the valley this weekend if somone wanted to meet me in salem on friday evening, otherwise you can come and get or i can ship it.
not asking for anything but if you have a small powerhead like an aquabee or minijet i need to get a new one as all the suction cup for my current ones well they don't suck anymore!
email me if you want it. monday morning it goes in the trash!

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Hey Bud,

What's been happening???? Happy Birthday!!!!! :beer: :beer:

Haven't heard from you in a while.

Cool over... but same here, just too much stuff to take care of. Let me know the next time you come into town..
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