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I am trying to figure out my lighting setup for my new tank. I was thinking about getting Giesemann (80W T5) bulbs. My ATI power module holds 6 bulbs so i was thinking of

- 3 blue (actinic+)
- 2 white (aquablue+)
- 1 purple (pure actinic)

I was thinking though if i should instead go for

- 4 blue
- 1 white
- 1 purple

I could even go with this but the PAR is a good bit lower on the purple so don't know if that is a good idea?

- 2 blue
- 2 white
- 2 purple

Also, i can adjust the output of my lighting power module so would it be ok to gradually increase the power until mid day light cycle and then gradually decrease until off or is it better to just put them at a constant output all day?

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