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Good Morning!

Friday is here. :banana:To for a cup of hot coffee and some breakfast.

Have a Great Day!
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Good Morning Everyone!
Good FRIDAY morning Vince and Sndwave - - happy end of the week to all! Thank you for the coffee!

Morning Vinnie, HHC, Sndwave and the rest of TRT!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
We are expecting the rain storm with a name (Fay) to bring rain all weekend.
Y'all have a great day and a great weekend!
Good mawnin', Vinnie, Sndwave, HHC, Ray, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee, Vinnie. Got pralines and beignets as side items, direct from Vinnie's area.

Ray, enjoy the rain from Fay and send it up here, for cryin' out loud!

Hi, Patrick. How's everything going in your corner of NYC?

Went out to dinner with my bf last night, and it was cool enough to sit outside to eat :)

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.
Morning All!Thanks for the breakfast Vinny!Have A Great Day All!
Good Friday Morning, Vinnie, Sndwave, HHC, Ray, Cath, George, & Everybody! :)

Wish I could give a different weather report for a change but it's the same ole 90's, hot, and dry, while Florida gets more rain than the law allows. At least we don't have to worry about alligators swimming in the streets like Fla.

The little Barn Swallow was joined by several others, including these three:

Have a Fantastic Friday, Everybody!

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Good morning, George and Dick.

Thanks for the birding photo, Dick. Here lately I've missed your photos before I go to work and feel positively average without that joy.
Morning everyone.
Good Morning everyone.
Hope you all have a great day!!!
Good morning everyone.

I have the day off but my little boy is sick so it will not be much fun. It is not keeping him from reading over my shoulder right now though. ;)

I hope all of you have a great day!
Mornin' all! :wavey:
Off day for me so of course it's raining right now :( .
Inside chores in store today i quess.

Hope everyone has a great day! :wavey:
Hey Everyone!!
Work is over!! NOW it's time to relax!! :dance:

This has been one of my toughest work weeks ever!!

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!:banana:
Good Friday Morning Y'all, one more shift to get thru then its weekend for me, looks like a housefull for the weekend , later gang
Good afternoon!

Love the weekend,
HI Everyone!!! Sorry I'm so late!!! Been watching the news for Obama's vp (come on already!!). Everything is going well here!!
What Patrick, you didn't sign up to receive the text message when it happens? They say that is who is going to find out first. ;)
Thanks Aquawolf
No I didnt. I didnt want them sending me text all the time lol they already have my vote
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