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Swap Laptop for MH Lighting System

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I am looking to add a Metal Halide light to my 90g reef. Boy are they pricey. I would be willing to make a trade. My used laptop, about 9 months old for a used/working condition MH system.
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What specifically are you looking for? Doug at AquaticCo is right here in Woodstock - he can probably fix you up with a new system at a good price, and there's no shipping since you are local.

Oh and WELCOME TO TRT! Be sure to check out the Atlanta Reef Club Section!


Thanks for everyone that looked. I was able to sell the laptop. Made enough to take JennM suggestion and by a new one from Aquadicco. Very nice custom setup. 2 250 watt MH and 2 96w CF in a custom hood. I am very excited. Had enough for a new skimmer and pump, also. I think I have everything I need now. Looking back at this hobby, I think I have finially spent thousands of dollars to keep hundreds of dollars alive. Must be time to upgrade?!?!?!?! :dance:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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