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Sustaining life in live rock and sand.

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Ok guys. I need some help. I've come across a full tank setup and I'm not quite ready for it, due to relocation reasons. I don't want to set the tank up yet, but want to maintain the rock and sand.

What would be the bare minimum to sustain 125 lb. live rock? Basicly I want to store it for about 6-8 weeks. I was thinking about some 25 gallon rubbermade tubs, each with a pump for circulation.

If this is possible, would I need to be skimming the system? And would I need any lights on it?

I want to try and maintain as much of the life in the live rock and sand as possible. I am looking for other suggestions as well.

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The rubbermaid tubs would be fine. On top of the powerhead for circulation, you may want to have a heater aswell. Just to make sure the temp doesn't drop to much. As for light...if there is anything growing on the rocks, they need light, not tons, but it will need some. Just stay on top of the evaporation on you should be fine. And as far as I know, nope, you don't need to be skimming it. It will be fine with the powerhead. IMO :)
I agree with Jeremey and maybe do a couple of water changes as well!:)
Thanks guys, Finaly getting ready to setup my first reeftank, so be prepared for more questions!

Thanks again

I have to agree with the others, light, water changes, a heater and powerhead will do the trick. Not nessacery but a protein skimmer will help remove the excess waste giving you a leg up if you want to go ahead and cycle the water for later use. Just a suggestion.
Mnemic - that is why we are here...feel free to ask as many questions as you want! There is a huge collection of knowledge on this board and we are all more then happy to help out!
Ok, Got a preliminary setup going. I think its overkill for the moment though :)

Got a 31G Rubbermaid tub, washed and cleaned the inside with white vinegar and water, and put aprx 25G of Saltwater from a LFS in it ($1.00 a gallon!!!!)

Stuck a heater with a digital temp gauge in it, and a Mag 950 (overkill!) with some plubming so it has 2 outlets I can control in the tub. Will have to get a smaller Pump I think, or a powerhead instead.

Only few more weeks till I setup my tank!

I am making a roadtrip tonite to go get the tank, and then bring it back to Nashville. I'm going to have to trade the Livestock in for Store Credit at a LFS, as I just don't have the ability to keep them right now as I'm moving in like 4 weeks.
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