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Superb Sunday

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Morning everyone. Been a while since starting a thread. The company I was at went bankrupt, and I had a few challenges with a prescribed drug mess. All that is in my taillights.

Tomorrow is my first foray into R and D at the new gig. Lots of pure science, and hope enough brain cells are left to do a little math. I'll also be converting some overlord company PLC's from GE/Fanuc to modern platforms. Only Jeff will know what the heck that means. This is just stuff that makes machines go roundy roundy. Everyone I think has a PhD, so I'll be the guy sweeping the floor.

Been driving Uber and love it. Pulled in over a grand this week and met the neatest people from every walk of life. I plan to keep doing it putting the funds into a "mad money" account. Between 4 and 7 am it is getting people to work and the airport, and that is my sweet spot. Planning to do that along with my new gig until a savings target is met.

Coffee is on, and I learned where to get 24 hour donuts. Enjoy your Sunday.
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Good mawnin’, Perry, and all of TRT

Thanks for the coffee and donuts for us. I will add Belgian waffles with Canadian maple syrup has been heated up. I know someone will fix bacon or sausage. There’s also stewed apple second go on your waffle and what I have eggs over easy with brown edges on the eggs. I guess that makes them dippy eggs. Oh, and we need to have big muffins for them sit like that.

wow, Perry about your previous gig going bankrupt! You’ve got a good plan for saving money while get your feet going to do you gig. Hope it all goes well.

I did not even hear my alarm this morning. Good thing Bobbi always texts me at 7:00 every so we can get our day started. It is a nasty 38° with rain.

I have a regular church service this morning. This afternoon I will be going to a local production of To Kill a mockingbird. I’m looking forward to that.

I better get going!

lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone!
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......ohhhhhh, how Schrodinger'ian! Finally someone appreciates my 'off'the'wall'isims'! (y) Well played my Friend!
but it’s not a cat.😉😂

Good morning everyone,

Hey fever, still kicking my butt. Taking Claritin I hoping it’ll help long-term. The other day I took Benadryl and I have to say that was a big mistake. It made me tired and I lost all motivation. A couple of naps.
The weather has really nice tree are all green and the grass is growing.
I can imagine Uber be in a good way to make money in the right environment. I guess I was not Uber driver before Uber. In the mid 70s driving a cab in our at eight for three years. I made a good money and had one hell of a time doing it. I met so many people. I I always liked meeting people and talking. I will say it was like a constant party. View attachment 246012
I could see you having a good time. Driving a cab and meeting a lot of interesting people. You’d be good at that.

Jeff, I’m not sure I understand what you were saying about who was supposed to be getting the primary spot at the vets office tomorrow, or was it another day?

This thread is wide open today.
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Beautiful work, Hack!
Love the photos of you hugging, rather Chloe hugging you. That girl loves you!
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Those are great photos! I think big dogs don’t know they’re big and little dogs don’t know that they’re little.🤣
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