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Superb Sunday

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Morning everyone. Been a while since starting a thread. The company I was at went bankrupt, and I had a few challenges with a prescribed drug mess. All that is in my taillights.

Tomorrow is my first foray into R and D at the new gig. Lots of pure science, and hope enough brain cells are left to do a little math. I'll also be converting some overlord company PLC's from GE/Fanuc to modern platforms. Only Jeff will know what the heck that means. This is just stuff that makes machines go roundy roundy. Everyone I think has a PhD, so I'll be the guy sweeping the floor.

Been driving Uber and love it. Pulled in over a grand this week and met the neatest people from every walk of life. I plan to keep doing it putting the funds into a "mad money" account. Between 4 and 7 am it is getting people to work and the airport, and that is my sweet spot. Planning to do that along with my new gig until a savings target is met.

Coffee is on, and I learned where to get 24 hour donuts. Enjoy your Sunday.
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Afternoon all,
The time change only benefits what my eyes saw time wise when Murphy woke me up this morning 5 am instead of 4am,, did not let my brain do the math as to how long I was able to sleep,, shhhh.
Since the dawgs have not learned how to read a watch, heheh, I’m assuming body clock is how they roll. At least 5 am looks/feels better than 4 am a day ago.( hopefully Murphy gets his act together before it’s time to “fall back” 🤞🏻🙏)

Got some lake effect snow last night,, sidewalks etc too warm to hold on to it , and the 1” on the grass is slowly melting today.

According to my command central kitchen chalkboard ( yeah I sometimes roll old school , heheh) vet appt.for Murph and Nash’s first appt at my vet said it was the 16th. Got a text from vet office this morning to confirm being tomorrow,,, online portal at vet shows Murph’s appt being tomorrow,hmmm.Since I called in right after Nash got here to see if I could add him to Murph’s appt.,,, all I recall , since I’ve slept since then, is that they said to come in a bit early ( existing / original appt day and time🤔🤷🏻‍♂️) to fill out paperwork on Nash being a newb . Other than giving Murphy a fresh bath/grooming pre vet visit being moved up, I have yet to perform tests/training on either one being cool with being on a leash( since both kinda need to be carried in since being on a leash is a unknown),,,
A few options possible ( Nash in a crate) , and the ordeal of getting both out of the truck , carry one in each arm,,, getting vet office door open somehow ,,,
Arrrgh. With snowy soggy yard currently , gonna have to time bathing until later tonite , IF I plan on leash training /testing today,,,, did I say “arrrgh” already ?🙄🙄😵‍💫

Cool on the PLC stuff Perry👍🏼. “Cycle power” is still a good go-to for a quick “fix” ,,, then t-shoot after the “it don’t run” complaint call comes in,, and they give you time , haha

On to the day,,

Hope everyone is having a great day👍🏼
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