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good morning all!

we painted the master bath yesterday. i like it, but Newfiemom hates it. so i give up, she is going to get another gallon of paint to "fix it". i seem to be the only one who like bright in your face colours. she originally vetoed my first colour choice, a kind of turquise blue colour. this is for an underwater theme in the bathroom, i know hackneyed, but hey what else can you do in a bathroom, there are not many sewer themed items out there to decorate with. so we decided on a tropical yellow, apparantly to tropical for her taste.:(

Jay-let me know when you reach 84 hour sstraight without sleep. that is my record. and for that whole week it was 8 hours total. with the biggest being a 4 hour nap one day. :eek: back in college my frat brothers would actually take pictures of me sleeping to prove to people that my eyes actually do close.:D

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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