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Hello everyone - I'm pretty new to this hobby. This is my first tank of any sort, set up May 24, 2007 - but I've spent a lot of time researching and planning it. It is a 150 gallon acryllic 60x24x24 with a 6" DSB. 65 gallon refugium with chaeto. Running an ASM-G3 skimmer, an 8 bulb Tek T5, Sequence reeflo return pump, two Tunze 6045 pumps, 1 Maxijet, Aquasafe RO/DI

My livestock includes:

~200 lbs Fiji Premium, ~40 lbs. Tonga Slab - I bought ~25 lbs of Tonga branch, but decided I don't like it (any takers?)
1 Foxfaced Rabbitfish, 4 green chromis, 1 blue chromis, 1 hippo tang
1 Galaxea (fascicularis) coral, 1 Kenya tree (capnella) (which has subsequently dropped about 8 smaller ones), two clumps of yellow button polyps (parazoanthus), pink pumping xenia, cauliflower coral (pocillopora), pipe organ coral (tubipora musica), mushrooms, button polyps, green bubble coral
2 scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp, 1 blood shrimp, a maxima crocea, 4 fighting conch, 1 tigertail cuke, 1 red fromia starfish, countless snails and crabs

5% water changes twice weekly, pretty stable water conditions measured weekly:

1.024-1.025 salinity, 76-79F, 8.2 ph, 360 calcium, free NH3, total NH3, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate all zero

Having a blast with it.


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