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if you can find a 6 inch footprint skimmer you can do a design kind of like this. get a piece of glass or acrylic that is 10" by 20" and a second piece that is 6" by 10 ". in the 6x10 cut a notch in the middle of the 6" side that is 1"X1".

then assemble as shown above. you will have a 6" compartment to fit your skimmer along one side, and at the end a 10" compartment to hold your return pump.

as mentioned above, just tee off your drain line, and ball vlave one side to feed the fuge. it will fill and spill over into the area with the return pump, so maximum pods will go directly to the tank, and the skimmer will be as far from the return pump as possible to minimize bubbles being sent back to tank.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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