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CPR CR1000 sump with all pieces extra 1" bulkhead in top to work with overflow box. 1" and 3/4" bulkheads in end to work with big or little pumps. Sump is 20"L, 12"D, and 15"H. Inside overflow box is 9"L, 3"D, and 6"H. Outside box is 9"L, 3"D, and 8"H. There is no pump included with this. New the sump is $179 online and the overflow box is $89. At my lfs the 2 extra bulkheads were $12 each and the extra u-tube was $10. The only reason I installed the extra bulkheads and u-tube was to try to keep up with a 1400 gph Little Giant pump. With the mods I could run the pump at 3/4-7/8 capacity but not quite all the way. This combination will have no problem with a Mag 12 and if throttled down a little a Mag 18. I'm asking $150 or will consider livestock or reef equipment trades.
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