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Okay..this is confusing.
You've had the same setup for a year, and everything was fine?

It appears ALL your fish died within a 8 hr (window) while you were at work?

It's NOT oxygen as you had the same tank running for a year you said in the same parameters.

I initially thought temperature maybe a heater went wacko but that would have killed your corals probably.

The only two things that were introduced into your aquarium where the new (nutrient chemical)
And you said A week before you added some corals etc..

All I can think of is you introduced a disease into your tank but that still wouldn't explain all your fish dying at once within an 8-hour window?

The chemical you put in is just food.

Frankly all I can think of and I'm no expert.. I've had my ups and alot of downs and have had my tank for 20 + years.

All I can think of is an accidental overdose of something? or HEAT? a faulty heater?

Is there any possible way something could have been introduced into the water children guests housekeeper?

I had an unfortunate experience 4 years ago I moved my aquarium and during the process of moving and setting up took a couple weeks which was likely the problem everything died all corals all fish only one made two fish made it a big maroon clown and a flame hawk.
It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen and nobody's ever been able to explain it to me but my corals basically just turned to mush and rotted.

These were corals that were 15 16 17 years old in some cases?

I thought I did everything within reason but sometimes when you're trying to recreate mother nature in a closed small environment nobody has the answers it's just unfortunate 😩
I hope you can find out what happened cuz I know it's a real drag to lose things you feel responsible for.
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