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stuff to do for rec in the twin cities

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I'll be visiting your great city in a few weeks and I"m wondering if you can make any suggestions of things available for some entertainment in the area

usually when I go there I hit up mystic lake casino, something fishy, forest lake pets, and the mall, but I'm looking for something else, is there an aquarium n the cities somewhere or anything else you'd recommend checking out

I'm only 20, so bars and clubs are out

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The zoo is always cool.

The Science Museum is fun once or twice...and I believe the coral reef movie is still playing at the IMAX theater there.

If you're into art, the Mpls Institute of the Arts on 3rd Ave and 24th St S is pretty swell, as well as the Walker.

Need more?
where is the zoo located?
I'm not too into art, but the IMAX and science museum sounds like a good idea...I KIND OF know my way around, but I don't know any of the addresses...

I'm also considering hitting up the Twins vs Tigers on Friday night
If your into horses, you could hit Canterbury Park.
I second Valley Fair good waste of a day:)
The zoo is good too if it is not hot outside then it can be a long day. the Tide pool setup is worth seeing alone, gave me soo many Ideas.
the card club at catebury is fun too
Mall of America
Minnesota zoo
Como Zoo - Free
Block E (kinda cool)
casinos (18 and up)
Minnesota Zephyr
Camp Snoopy (grin)
Minnesota Children's Museum
Science Museum of MN/Omnitheate
Crusing down Grand Ave
Saint Paul Saints
Weisman Art Museum
The Minneapolis Institute of Art
The Guthrie Theater
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Walker Art Center

Like to Disc golf, world course at Kaposia (could be closed for renovation)

to be honest, you wouldnt find much at forest lake pets, its a good place to do a check up on, but a out of town trip to it feh...

if you want, check out the farmers markets in mpls and st paul

theres a LOT to do here.. whats good to do up in fargo ?
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we've got a lot of good beer drinking and butt-sitting opportunites here in fargo. quick drive out into the country for plenty of cow tipping and corn shucking. :p
Which aquarium in duluth?

Details! Details! I am heading up there for vacation 2nd week in august! Going to take the lil one to goosberry falls, and hunting for rocks, and split rock light house!
Tyler, check around, a lot of the clubs are 18+....Skip Mystic Lake, and drop half the money you'd gamble with off at my house..hehe..just kidding. Last time I went to Mystic I walked out with 2 truck payments, I gave them back the next night when I went in with the goal of paying my truck loan off ($6700)hehe...oh well
Stoney Reef said:
Which aquarium in duluth?

Details! Details! I am heading up there for vacation 2nd week in august! Going to take the lil one to goosberry falls, and hunting for rocks, and split rock light house!
Pallasade is worth checking out. It between goosbery falls and Two Harbours, it is also free. It is just a large rock that you can drive up but on the lake side it drops off like 100 feet.

It is the one right as you enter Duluth on the freeway. It was not doing all that well so Ripleys is now running it. It has all kinds of freshwater fish in it. Not sure what they are charging for fees since it is under new management.
off topic sorry-----HEY CLYDE

hey Clyde
I did not know you chucked disc I live right next to bryant wanna come play my home course some time? There are some really challenging holes on that course.
Mall of America

If you haven't been there in a while the Mall of America is pretty cool, the aquarium there is kinda fun, last time i was there they had hundreds of baby turtles, pretty cool - plus they have camp snoopy, rides always fun, plus they have a Hooters on the fourth floor.
Re: Mall of America

1coolvw said:
plus they have a Hooters on the fourth floor.
:D we have one about two blocks down the street here, but it's fun to see new and different hooters chicks...err...i mean ladies

oh yeah, and manderson0805, latazyo is the one going to the cities, not me (though maybe he could pick up that 20L...). i just jumped in to make a (stupid) comment about what to do in fargo
yeah, the only thing to do in Fargo is hang out at our place and drink cheap beer and watch The Big Lebowski or The Godfather

alright, I figure with the time I have I can check out the zoo and the science museum....could someone provide me with the adresses to those locations? I usually just mapquest my way around the cities, but I need addresses

we already plan on being at the dome and the mall....perhaps valleyfair can replace something as well
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