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I have wayy too much going on to start a second tank along with the upgrade in already right in the middle of working on. So I have a near new 30" sunpod for sale. I got it from kappaknight and it was going to be used on a prop tank that is just going to have to be put off for the time being. It will come with 2 bulbs, 10k and 14k, both are under 6mo old. Im asking 180 for it.

I also have a 30x30.5 peice of HDPE (starboard) that im not going to use. I bought a huge peice that was like 50x30 and only need a little bit to cover the bottom of my 37. This stuff has a clear laminate coat on it that i just sanded off. its 1/4in thick and white. 20.00.

Also have a brand new Iwaki MD-20RXT that just isnt enough flow, im looking for a inline pump that does about 1200 gph. Will sale for 120 or trade for a pump that does the proper GPH. This is a Jap motor pump.

Corals wise I still have some extra green pocilipora that is free to anyone who wants it.

a 4.5-5 in maze brain, Its just not what I want anymore. $25.00 (I paid 35 and thats cost from sunpet!)

I still have some PPEs left, very few but I do have some.

I would trade any of it for some Milliporas or nice zoos.
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