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Currently I have a 6ft 125 gallon reef tank that is running 8 x 96watt Power Compact lights that just isn't strong enough. It is time that I upgrade my lighting in my tank and I really don't have the money to do it. I dont really have much of a choice but to sell off some of my stuff to get my lights. Some of the stuff I have are:
- a 4 month old Korallin 1502 Calcium Reactor with Dual guage CO2 regulator. $375
- 3 x Sunpaq Dual 96 watt Power Compact Retrofit Kits with reflectors. $100 each
- 1 x DIY Dual 96 watt Power Compact ballast. $35
- 5 gallon bucket of Bio Balls, 1/2 used 1/2 new. $20
I am looking to either find buyers for all of the light equipment before I sell them. I don't want the tank running to long without any lights in between me getting Metal Halide lights to replace them with. I am trying to get a 3 x 250 watt Metal Halide light setup to replace the Power Compacts. Shipping is not included in the prices above. PM me if you are are intrested in anything. Thanks, shoddyk

Here is a link to the Calcium Reactor setup I have.
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