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Just found this site and instantly joined. Like to know others in the state are into salt tanks. My goal for my tanks is to educate my middle school students. I think they need to know the biodiversity that takes place in the ocean. I want to fill a 50 gal with diverse fish and another 50 gal with a reef environment.(VHO lights). I read some threads about people giving away free stuff and here I am begging for ideas, thoughts, pointers. ( and free items) All of us know how schools are taking it hard so if you can help out it would be incredibly cool. I have great students who are into animals and critters. I have been teaching for 20+ years and never had anything happen to any of the animals in my room. My tanks are ready to go, all I need to do is fill them. Thanks for any help.
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If you can come to this June meeting. I'm pretty sure that we can donate some of the good stuff. Can you make it? I have colt, waving hand coral or xenia if you are interested.
I am interested but do I just invite myself?
i just donated about 20 frags out of my tank, so it will be a bit before i have anything i can help you out with.

as for the meeting, get in touch with alice asap about getting an evite.
Mrs. S; you've got mail! :)

student ed

If the quick responses are any reflection of what your group is like I am incredibly impressed. Thanks to everyone who has responded to my plea. Its always heart-warming to meet people who are passionate and caring about what many people would think is just another hobby! I look forward to mathching names with faces. Do you people have real names or do you introduce yourselves by your forum names.LOL:p
i havent moved yet but id gladly send you some via next day air!
When you show up at the meeting people generally have name tags on and then you know who's who for the introductions. When you say all you need to do to the tanks is fill them does that mean you have the live rock and other filtration running or are they empty at the moment? Handing over a bunch of corals pre-cycle is a recipe for disaster. Let me know if they need to be filled with corals or with water. :) I'm sure we can hook you up.
The tanks are cycled and I have a few pieces of live rock in them. All my parameters are fine. I have tested the water. I have a clean up crew of hermies and snails in there already.

great to have you aboard!
Hey if you can make it to the trade I will set aside a few blue shrooms for ya if you like.... (great science experiment! See how many slices you can make and then grow them up on your own rock!:D )(these things are indestructable...)
Wildthing that sounds great. I will be there with baggie in hand and wanting some advice to go along with the shrooms! Thanks in advance. Are any members specialists in aquarium scape architects? I am in need of some sort of blueprint or overall plan. I will bring a pad and pencil to the BBQ and draw out a cool setup with the help of the groups input.

aquascaping is an art, but just like a good painting, sometimes it's achieved by just throwing paint at the canvas...:)

Steve's one of the better aquascapers I'm sure you'll get great ideas from his setup..But I suggest just goin at it. I got one of the nices arrangements once after just dumping the rock in the tank. When the water cleared, it looked great! Hey...that's how mother nature does it:)
My painting is comparable to a blind monkey with a paint gun!!
When I taught elementary school, my art program was drawing detailed drawings of animals. My students actually figured out art assignments for the class to do. (moms also had input)
hey I do that for a living!!!(drawing animals I mean)
Anyway, shrooms are the easiest of critters to keep, you should see what krux does to his!!! But as long as you have enough lighting (which is minimal) then you will have a plague of them soon enough...just like the rest of us!
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