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Im currently running a 45 gallon reef tank with power compacts giving me roughly 5 watts per gallon. Im not very happy with the tank itself so i picked up a 65 gallon (36x18x24tall) and am making it a project to build my stand and other than the only other thing i can think of needing to upgrade is lighting. Since it is only 36 wide any hailde fixture would only have one bulb right over the cross support, so i have decided to go with two 250 watt pendants and possibly some supplemental lighting.

I am posting to get everyones opinion on the two setups ive been looking at or what you may recomend.

first i have found an Ice Cap kit, 250 watt each with ballast and bulb for roughly $300.

second ive been talking with my lfs and they have a CoralVue lumen reflector and with ballast and bulbs he said he could do it right around the cost of the other kit i liked.

my opinions are that with the Icecap, they are not as deep which would allow for supplemental lighting in front and behind them.

with the Coralvue, i like that it seems to reflect much more light but would not have much room for other lights.

Let me know what yall think i would appreciate it.
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