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Ok after long over due, I'll be making a thread on my 65g reef build. My tank is about 3months old, All water parameters are great!! Ill be looking for much needed input in my thread and will take all the advice I can get on this reef!!

65g Glass tank middle overflow box,with Canopy and stand
T5 fixtures
3" sand bed with 50lbs of LR
BSM 150 sump
NAC MAC-6 skimmer
2 reactors, 1 ROWA 1 Carbon
1 Heater set at 78F


1 Green Torch
1 Xenia
1 Brown Hammer


3 Reef Chromis
1 Sixline Wrasse


1 Cleaner Shrimp
25 blue leg hermits
10 tubo snails
10 Mexican Turbo snails

Anyone have any suggest on next fish? I was thinking either Tang or Butterfly...

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Sweet, ya I'll keep an eye on my wrasse but so far hes been playin nice

I was thinkin of getting a Kole Yellow eyed Tang, i love the way they graze, idk yet tho

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Ok i added a sand sifter, but i went with a Goby, hes pretty cool!! He has burrowed himself under the rocks already and made himself right at home. Theyre pretty cool because he puts the sand in his mouth and cleans it for me, great lil helper for the tank!!! Also ive noticed my Xenia is taking off growing, ive heard that they can over populate tanks but man this stuff is growing like weeds!!! Def gonna be fragging some but idk what to do with it. any ideas? and im thinking of doing a Zoa garden in the front left of my tank, ive always liked the look of them, but dont wonna kill my chances of getting a bi-color Angel..what do you guys think?

Ordering my RO/Di 4stage filtration set-up this week from sprectra-pure...gonna be setting it up once i get it in my garage next to my utility sink

Also did a 20g water change today along with some baseline water test and everything is great!!

Sidenote---How do i post pics directly to my post?

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Ok sorry its been a while since i postd, i ve done n got some things for the tank!!!

Ive added some fish
1 sand sifting Goby
1 Reef chromis
2 Orange Anthias

and some Corals
Ive finally started my Zoa Garden
I dont know the name but ive got some pink ones and some green ones...I'll post some pics tomaybe get some ID on them!!!

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Ok I'm back sorry it's been a while since I updated, but my wife and I had a baby boy Oct 25 and as many of you know for sure your life changes a bit when a baby arrives lol
Well I have def added some coral and fish since posting

2 False Perc
1 Blue Hippo about 2"

2 purple monti frag
1 flower pot coral
1 orange monti
1 orange brain coral, Lobophylia
1 rainbow acan frag about 1" about 4 heads on it
1 Tyree Blue Chalice
1 Season greeting monti
1 green Alveopora
1 Chalice eye attack
1 rose bubble tip anemone

So yes def added a lot of coral over some time

I think my Christmas present is gonna be a LED light from Reef Bliss 120w unit, I hear that will work just fine for my 65g
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