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Strange Tank Tragedy

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Ok so a little while ago i'm walking by my tank and I notice something strange. One of my large turbo snails is on the bottom, its on its back and my flame hawkfish is stuck inside it. Yes, stuck gills deep inside the snails shell. Well I frantically tried to pull it out, that didnt work. Flame hawkfish have spikes on there gill plates. Anyway I ended up haveing to smash open the snails shell to get it out. So I killed a turbo and the hawkfish was dead by the time I got it out. That was one of my favorite fish, I've had it over 2 years. (and it was $55) What a total bummer. Well I just thought i'd share my little story. I've never heard of anything like it.:eek:
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Sorry for your loss. that is a real bummer.
Sorry for your loss.

If something like that happens again, I wouldn't recommend trying to pull the fish out. It will almost definitely cause more damage. Sometimes fish will wedge themselves into what they feel is a safe place to rest. Rarely they'll have a hard time getting back out, and if that happens it's definitely safer to let them work it out for themselves. I've read about this happening at least once before to a blue tang (in a rock, not a shell).
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