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My tank has nothing in but live rock, live sand, and a clump of chaeto at the moment - it finished cycling a long while ago but I've not been able to get my RO setup installed to do a water change and get things ready for some livestock yet (ready now, going to set it going in the morning and do my water change in a couple of days).

I was just looking at the tank and cleaning the glass and I noticed this little slug on my chaeto happily wandering around. Is he a friendly critter or should I be removing him?

I took a picture and thought I'd got it, then put the chaeto back in the tank and have now realised that it's not even remotely in focus, and he seems to have wandered off now so I can't get another, but here it is anyway:

Also, not the right sub-forum for this but tagging it on incase anyone knows: I'm running a Fluval C4 hang-on filter, and recently it's developed a lot of salt creep underneath the hanging part on the outside of the tank, can anyone think why this might be? Is it likely to be cracked somewhere?

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