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Store Setup for Monitoring - Suggestions, Ideas

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So we have opened our store to Saltwater fish and corals and supplies. We now have a 340 gallon system that is basically reef/invert/coral ready, we have a 340 fish only system, we have a 250 frag tank currently cycling and will have another 340 fish only system. I am trying to get at much automation and control/monitoring as possible. The reef ready 340 will be supplimented with calcium and alk and possibly more. The fish only 340's will be supplimented with alk. The 250 frag tank will also be supplimented with cal and alk and possibly bacterial and/or magnesium. I have been looking into the reef keeper elite for an all in one solution (including lighting automation for the entire system. I opted for dosing pumps on these systems instead of going with a cal reactor or mag reactor. I have already preplummed autofills to all systems from my RO/DI and have preplummed a master drain and a refil line with a float on it for control from an 800 gal master pre-mixed salt tank.

I am looking for the best way to keep these things in line and avoid crashes. I would like to monitor these from a remote location if possible, and even have the possibility of adjusting paramaters if necessary (wondering if I could inject CO2 without having the reactors for PH adjustment...)

Anyhow, thats a pretty decent snapshot of the system, im looking for input and ideas really. So far the Reef Keeper Elite with the PH probes, SL2's, salinity Probes, Temp Probes, and controllable Power strips seem to be the solution. The Reef Keeper Elite woudl also have the NET add on I could use for networking. I even thought about setting up some network camera's to keep a visual eye on things.

Oh, one last thing, Moon light phases - should I even think of them with the fact that these are in a store front for sale (not visual at night, and im not sleeping there ... hehe ... yet)

Thanks for the input
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1 - 12 of 12 Posts can buy one head unit and then add "modules" for other tanks...I monitor/control 3 tanks with one head unit and a couple extra "probe modules"...everything links together with USB cables...easy to setup/configure and you can get all your stats in one web based app that I can access from anywhere in the world so long as I have internet access.
reef keeper elite will monitor a ton of tanks and comes with the attachment for access on the go. there is even an app for the iphone.
He3y Steven, glad to see you are still going at it, hopefully some of the younger tach types can get you lines out with what you need :)
Good to see you pop in, it's been a long time. Shoot me a PM or email, I may be trekking oo Reno sometime, it would be great to meet up again
I'd suggest that you place the moonlight directly on your store ceiling so that makes a natural moonlight effect throughout your store. What's your floor area by the way?
Do utilize an automated timer for your lightings (the ones with built-in recharging battery in it) so there won't be any need to manually turning on and off.
Congratulations on the Grand Opening, Steven!

Can't help you with the tech stuff but glad to see you. We need pictures of your new emporium.

Its GREAT to see you guys! Doug, call or come by anytime. Let me know if you need a place to stay. Pictures will come, I have my facebook page that has some pictures - lookup Oasis Water Gardens in Sparks Nevada and there is a business page. Ill post some pictures here, we also have a commercial that is on Channel 2 (local) that has our Saltwater fish in it. In my profile on Facebook I have the commercials listed - Steven Lord in Reno Nevada.

With the distances I need to control the systems in area's that a USB cable would not be long enough, so its appearing that the ReefKeeper Elite is becomming the Unit ill use.

Moonlights on the roof huh ... im gonna have to get some pictures to show you guys the setup better.

Any opinion on the ASM G4XX skimmers? I have one running right now and I think we are going to get two or three more for the other systems (even the fish only to help remove waste). Thoughts?

I will also be running 40w UV's on the fish only systems, will have one installed in a few days on the system that is already up and running.

Floor area, well im gonna have to make a video and post it somewhere and share it. Ill give you guys a tour of the store and see what kind of input you might have.

For those of you that dont know, we have been in business since 1995 (my wife and I purchased this about 5 years ago, in fact still making payments ... lol). We have done Koi and Water Features since the beginning. In the store we have a 1700 Gallon Koi pond, a 2000 Gallon Koi Pond, a 300 Gallon Goldfish Pond, 8 - 500 gallon Q tanks for our Japanese Koi, a 3500 Gallon Koi pond outside the store and another 1000 Gallon Q tank outside the store. Now we have the other systems for saltwater.

Tank Systems:
50 Gal Zeroedge for Frags (with 30 gal sump)
9 - 40 Gal Tanks with a sump of about 100 gal max (reef section)
9 - 40 Gal Tanks with sump of 100 gal (fish only)
1 - 300 Gal Tank used for Live rock
1 - 180 Frag tank with 70gal sump
Almost setup 9 - 40 Gal Tanks with sump of approx 100 Gal will be fish only also

I currently run Copper on the fish only sides and am always open to other methods of keeping our fish healthy and free (or as free as possible) of parasites.

Salinity on the F/O side is 1.020
Salinity on the Reef Sides is 1.024
DKH on systems is 9-10

ALL REFIL WATER IS RO/DI with a TDS of 0.00 or 0.01

Think thats it for now, ill post more as I think of it and when I get pics and videos for you guys ill post them!

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Man, I didnt even know those types of monitors were out there.
I have already preplummed autofills to all systems from my RO/DI.
This may not be the best way to go with a store system. Every time you remove saltwater to bag a fish or coral, the topoff will dump freshwater into the system. A busy day will drive your salinity down quickly.

I have often thought about using a saltwater topoff on the store tanks because it seems like keeping the salinity up is more of a problem with the constant removal of saltwater.
I would vote Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper Elite.

I run one and love it.

Has many options from one head unit.
Apex imo :) I can try and answer any questions you may have on that.
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