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that's really odd. when i built my stockman, the reducer bushing was very very snug getting it onto the pipe. i actually had to tap it with a hammer to get enough pip through the top to have a cap on it.

soundsl ike your method with the zip tie is working. if it fails, then i would jsut add a bit of glue.

it sounds as though your reducer bushing is a slight bit oversized.

also, i dont see any holes in your pipe where the coupler will cover them up top? are they jsut not cut/drilled yet?

fwiw on mine i had to drill several holes, then connect them with cuts from a circularsaw. i know most poeple have had much luck cutting a large sqaure hole, rather than several small holes.

my website link in my signature hasa photos of the way i cut mine. the square hole version can be found on the durso website as well.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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