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Hello all! After the last couple of months, I've gotten the 75 up and running. Corals are all doing well, but I had a question on fish stock. Below are what I currently have in the system:

1.5" Tomini Tang
Tailspot Blenny
Algae Blenny
Watchman Goby/Pistol shrimp
Circus goby
Diamond goby
Green clown goby
Yellow tail blue damsel
Bangaii Cardinalfish
Long nose hawkfish
Mandarin goby

The tank, I believe, is fully stocked or will be when things get bigger, but I was curious as to whether an orchid or other colorful dottyback as a final addition could work for some more color. It seems like a lot of fish, but almost all of them are small and stay out of the water column, with the damsel, Tomini, and bangaii as the only ones actively swimming (Damsel is same size as the Tomini, it's tiny).. The circus and watchman goby are pretty nonexistent and hardly move. Tailspot and algae Blenny are actually best buds and stick to the rocks and pick algae together. Clown goby is always perched around the rocks. I really could go without adding another fish, but love dottybacks. As a last addition, I felt the aggression would stay down, and a dottyback is a species that picks a territory and doesn't move much, wouldn't worry a whole lot about space. Any opinions?


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