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3Twenty5 said:
Ok I will be starting to build my system this weekend, I was wondering if their are any plumbing or electrical tips to follow.

I have 2 strong pumps (MAG12) which will be too much so i plan to use ball valves to control somewhat.

I want to make a quiet system, that will not leak of course. So any tips would be helpful.
Having just recently plumbed and re-plumbed and re-re-plumbed (you get the idea :D) my tank, here are a few thoughts (and these are just my opinion and I'm sure there will be others that disagree :)).

1. Use slip connections whenever possible - not a single one of my slip connections leaked and every one of my threaded did (even though I used tons of Teflon tape and hand tightened as much as possible).

2. If you have to have threaded connections (for example from the pump) make sure you use a strap wrench (about $12 at Home Depot) to tighten the connection. It was probably the best $12 I've spent on this project :p

3. Whereever you are using ball valves consider using true union ball valves so that you can take stuff out to clean them. In fact, use as many TUB valves as you can afford (they are the most expensive part of the plumbing - even more so than bulkheads) so that you can take things like the pumps out of the system to clean them.

4. Make sure that every outlet that is close to the tank (or has stuff plugged into it where the other end is close to water) is a GFCI outlet. They are really easy to put in and when they get tripped - and they almost always do - you'll be glad you had them.

5. If you plan on using a grounding probe (there are arguments for and against them) put one in the sump and another in the tank. That way if the power is out and there isn't a column of water connecting the tank and sump/refugium then both boxes of water will still be grounded.

6. Good Luck and have fun.

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