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Ok simple question. I have purchased 3 corals in the last 3 weeks and 2 out of the 3 have come with a rather nice size hunk of lr. Well tonight while placing my new frogsoawn I noticed that since I got the other 2 corals I now have 5 star fish that I have seen. My question is how quick does a star fish grow and how many should you have in a 55 gallon tank. I also noticed thankfully that my eel just ignored them and wanted nothing to do with them because he swam past them stopped gave a look, smell or what ever they do and he went on about his way.

The starfish are 3 white ones with a green dot in the center and 2 brown ones.
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How big are the stars? Chances are they are mini stars and wont grow any bigger than a pencil eraser. Probably not much help, maybe someone else will chime in here soon. Congrats on the new corals though.
how long are the arms compared to the central disc? are they smooth or do they have frills on them? if they are long and smooth then they are serpent stars, good. if they are long and frilly then they are brittle stars, also good. generally most stars are good to have in the tank, unless you have clams, oysters, any bivalves. generally the ones that will eat the bivalves have wide strong short arms.

i say have fun watching your new friends.

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