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Well, the stand sits in my garage completely assembled and covered in spackle....waiting for it to dry to begin phase one of the sanding game.

Getting very frustrated about this camera thing now....darn camera place hasn't heard anything out of olympus, which probably means warranty is going to cover it so they are taking thier "dear sweet time" in getting it fixed. Ill hope anyway.

If I can steal the nikon Ill take pics later in the weekend with everything put together.

I finally decided on the trim. I am going to paint it all white and trim around the tank itself in oak. Ill also trim the edges of the doors and bottom of the tank in oak. I will probably even ad a strip of moulding on the face of the doors to give them some "texture". As for where the cabinet meets the stand and the canopy above, I haven't decided yet. I thought about attaching a 1/8" thick by 1/2" thick "stirp" around the edges and painting it white to hide the seam between the two. Ill have to play with this and if it works Ill go with it, else I'll have to trim is seperately.

BTW, I told my boss I couldn't work today. First time in 5 years I have given short notice to take a day off. i have several dozen saved days from where I worked holiday's when i was in systems so its not like an absence or anything, but still the look on everyones face last night when I said..."you know, i don't think im going to come in tomorrow" was priceless.

So, since Reefdave is off for once during the week...hows about a Thursday night chat? Or is everyone all chatted out?

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good to hear there is progress, even if we cant see it "reefjeremy" :funny:

i like the sound of natural oak trim. i assume you are going to buy regular pine trim and stain in oak color?

i'll TRY to make it to chat. but that's up in the air. plus it's been screwy lately not letting people in.

hope you plan on utilizing your day off, out in the garage :)

it's rainy here, so i went to lowes and picked up 4.3 billion Tees, Ells, and Caps for my cls ... i'll be indisposed for the next few hours :D

keep us updated, if you can find a stand on the net that looks like the one you are supposedly building, post it for us, we'd like to see this imaginary "progress" :D ;)
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