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75 gal. ?/?/48 in.
Substrate: crushed coral
Enough live rock to mostly cover bottom and stack a little.
Light: Coralife 10,000K florescent and Actinic (40 watts each - total 80 watts). [this may be insuffiecient lighting?].
Spec. Grav=1.023
1 Blue damsel, 2 Clarkii clowns, 1 Long tip Anemone, 2 Peppermint shrimp, 1 fire shrimp, 1 featherduster, brown button polyps, and brown polyps.
Waterchange of 15-20% at least monthly, additives-> kalkwasser,strontium/molyib, iodine, coral-vite, essential elements, and targeted micro-vert.

Let me know if you see any important info about my tank missing that I should add to these specs!

Thanks! Sruthan/Michael
Last updated: 11/24/2003
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