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I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to squirrel pics for fellow TRT members to use depending on the situation at hand.

To post please post the pic in the thread, along with the direct link to the pic so others can use it easily.

Let the squirrel's begin :)


Squirrel mafia-

Super squirrel-

I cant think of a witty name-

Squirrel Balboa-

And last, giant squirrel-


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I'll play!
finally found this one

Got fish? -

Hog squirrel -

this is a little disturbing lol -

bazooka squirrel -

Luke Squirrelwalker - The force is strong in this one

Saber throw down - Medium Web view.jpg

Squirrel for guys who buy pink socks -

Water loving squirrel -

Carbon dosing squirrel -

Squirrel police - He needed a bigger tank -

You need to be schooled squirrel -

One small step for squirrel -

Slurped squirrel -

Sherlock Squirrel -

Punk Squirrels -

Jihad Squirrel -

West Virginia Squirrel -

Army Squirrel -

Avoid the squirrel Squirrel -

Black Squirrel -
Commando Squirrel - gun.jpg

Airborne Squirrel

Man this build is slow, Squirrel -

Deep Sand Bed or Bare Bottom Squirrel -

You seem distracted, are you trying to do something else, Squirrel -

Emperor Squirrel aka You should have used a grounding probe Squirrel -

Ninja Squirrel -

Admiral Squirrel -

Need details on feeding Squirrel - label.jpg

and the most appropriate - they called it a teacup squirrel
Glass cage squirrel -

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OK, here is a REAL, un-photoshopped picture of three squirrels outside of my apartment. Enjoy.


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Lol Quik.

Lol Tony. I am from Georgia. Tonight at dinner we were explaining to my 11 year old daughter that when someone says "bless her heart" it is not a good thing. My sis-in-law follows up every ugly comment with "bless his heart" because she is usually talking about my brother.

I have a different method. I say "I'm not trying to be ugly, but ...insert ugly comment here....<INSERT here comment ugly>When I lived in Minnesota my friends thought it was hilarious that ugly meant something other than unattractive, lol.

PS My 11 year old's method is "That shirt makes you look fat/ugly/old/stupid/gray headed/older than 15." "No offense." When I say Tori, that was an ugly thing to say she responds with "I said no offense." Bless her heart.
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