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Several folks have inquired about the spray bar I'm using
so I decided to start a thread specific to it.

I don't consider it a CLS but I'm just that way.
The entire tank is a CLS if it's not hooked up to NSW feed.

None of it is cemented in place and if you can go over the back
with a return, you can preserve precious flow from your pump
based on typical fittings in a RR tank.

I've tried both the downward facing ports (4 in a 36" tank)
and holes drilled in a bottom length of the tank spray bar.
I have much much better success with the spray bar which
well over 2 years with no cleaning, does not seem to have lost flow.

Here's a couple videos on how I installed mine, test firing it
and its abilities. I've never had any back siphon issues and my
power as many of you know goes off quite frequently.
6 times one day last week.

more to follow

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^ a little boring, but take notice of how I can adjust flow at
all of my returns, including the spray bar.

With most of the adjustments tuned in where needed and more water
in the system…firing the spray bar is a decent demonstration of the spray bar.

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Thanks for the videos. It especially helped to have the narration to explain why you constructed it the way you did. I will be applying this to my build
:thumbup: that one boring video, me tweaking the flow is kind of comical.
My pumps, sump and skimmer were 40' away at the far end of the huse.
I was in the process of filling the tank from the sump and had an extension cord
running to a power strip by the tank and you can hear my wife holler out STOP
so I knew when the sump was low :funny:

I really really really like the way I constructed the return on my 40
in such a manner that the same idea here is easier to remove,
service, or change up to a different style. It's using 2 returns wyed off
of a single, and both returns go over the back with 2 90º elbows.
Before the elbows is a union behind the glass ;)

see pages 10 and 13 here.
Between the sump/pump and water
there are only 2 elbows and a wye to get water in the tank.
I know that if the overflow was doubled I would have more flow in the tank
but at what point (multi tasking the return pump) do you say enough flow
through the sump is enough ya know? It's a 40g with a 1270 gph return pump
and the drain is 1", so I have plenty of reserve in the head to increase flow
but the skimmer will not process that much flow either. Keep that in mind
when applying this technique to a system. I'm using a skimmer rated for 250g
on a 40, so at this point with one fish, who cares?

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Maybe using a dremel with a cut off wheel and making a 1" slit would get some better flow.
Sorry, not following :doh:
I'm showing 2 different set ups here and have plenty of flow on either.
Where exactly would a slit be positioned?

The idea of a round port is trajectory and a slit would disperse the flow.
Comparing a shotgun blast to a .22 cal riffle the .22 will carry further.
A bigger stream will lose trajectory with the same flow. My 40g drain cannot
handle any more flow, and the 100g spray bar is performing well.
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