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135 gallon tank

The "Big" Kahuna
(Yeah I know its not that big but I wasnt sure the apartments floor was gonna hold it to begine with)

Tank: 135 gallon All Glass (standard)
Substrate:160 lbs Indo-Pacific
Live Rock: 200 lbs of Kaelini Rock
Filtration: Fluval 304
Basket 1- BioMax
Basket 2- BioMax
Basket 3- Carbon
Skimmer: Berlin XL (Do not recommend this model)
Sump: 140 gallon Horse Trough
80 lbs Oolithic sand
20 lbs GARF Grunge
5 Red Mangroves
Dwraf Feather Caulepra
40 lbs Live Rock Rubble (Kaelini)
Lighting: 3 x 250 Iwasaki 6500k Halides
1 x 140 watt 50/50 VHO
1 x 140 watt Actinic Blue VHO
2 x 40 watt NO Actinic Blue (Blue Moon Bulbs)
Salt: Instant Ocean
Additives: SeaChem Reef Complete*
SeaChem Reef Calcium*
SeaChem Reef Strontium
SeaChem Reef Buffer*
SeaChem Reef Builder*
SeaChem Reef Mangnesium*
SeaChem Reef Iodide**
SeaChem Reef Plus*
Kent Essential Elements***
* Added weekly
** Added every other day
*** Monthly
Live Stock:
Numerous (@ 16) SPS Corals of various types
1 x Med Purple Tip Elegance Coral
1 x Turqoise Avelopora
3 x Bali Xenia
1 x Tree Coral.
Various Mushrooms
1 x Toadstool Leather
1 x Long Spine Sea Urchin
1 x Short Spine Urchin
1 x Brittle Star
60 Dwarf Blue Leg Hermits
13 Scarlet Reef Hermits
6 Turbo Snails
54 Bumble Bee Snails
1 x Yellow Tang
3 x Blue Green Chromis
2 x Sumatra Yellow Stripe Maroons Clownfish
(mated pair)
1 x Jewel Moray Eel
1 x Snowflake Eel jumped out 10/01/03

That about covers it for this tank. I do 5% water changes weekly. If you see any short commings or mistakes feel free to drop me a line.

266 Posts
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I have managed to get a couple of nice pic's of a few critters, but my camera is obviously smarter than I am cuase I cant get a decent pic of the whole tank with any degree of detail! Short of replacing my Canon Powershot A20, any suggestions???
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