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Speaking Of Water Changes!!!

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I was thinking that I would like to get the same parameters as in my 25 gallon. So as I am doing water changes 5 or less gallons from my 25 and i am going to put it in my 72 gallon. Does this make sense?? I should end up with or very close to the same set up, right? And when I get everything changed over to the 72 gallon I am going to either take all the water from the 25 and put it in or take half out one day and the other half out another day? Is this making sense or am I just wasting my time. I want the same conditions because everything was doing really well in my 25 gallon.

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Using the same water is cool, but the LR, die off, sand bed, etc... will all play into the equation... I highly doubt parameters will stay the same, but I could be wrong...
your most likly right, I am more or less doing this to help. Atleast I think it will. I would consider my water in the 25 gallon to be of good quality. So adding it should help. Right?
Well it should work , but as pointed out with different rock etc, its never going to be identical unless you have the 2 tanks plumbed together thru a common sump or something similar. The bad (potentiel) part is that if you have any nasties lying dormant in the 25 you stand a good chance of passing them on to the other tank
Well I don't think there is any nasty's in the tank, atleast I hope. Everything is doing extremely well, lots of growth on the rock and corals, shrooms, ployps, anemones, brain corals are all doing well. Fish have really good colour!

Ya know, I was thinking sorta along the same lines when I set up my 20g refugium. Just hooked it to the main tank (overflow in main tank, return from sump) figured filling the 20 was like a water change of 20 for the main(70g) Used oolite for the fuge and put liverock from main and some plants from lfs. While everything still looks fine in the main, now I've got an outbreak of what looks like cyano in the sand of the 20, so even though they are hooked up, still not quite the same.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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