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speaking of anenomes...

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Well, while we are all talking about the dangers and risks of anenomes... I am very sad to report that my parent anenome died this morning. He hadn't found a good home yet in the 75 so he had been roaming. Well, at some time this morning or last night, he wandered in to my powerhead. He was unsavable. :( So this morning, I was left to pick anenome guts out of the intake. *sniff* I had him for about 2 years. *sniff sniff sniff*
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The clone found a new home right away and has stayed put, but the parent..just wandered from one side to the next. I should have thought ahead and anenome proofed the intakes. See what laziness gets ya. *sniff*
It is funny. I still have anenome entrails on my shirt...*sniff* I don't think I will ever wash it again.

But seriously, you are right Buzz, it is amazing how to some, it is a glob of goo, but to me it was my pet, an animal in my care, and after watching it grow up over the years. :(
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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