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southdown sand sku#

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I've seen the Home Depot southdaon sand SKU# on the boards before, but can't seem to find it now. Does anybody know what it is. My cousin works for HD now and I'm hoping he can track me down a couple of pallets.:D
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thanks buzz_hog. I appreciate it.
No probs.... There are two types of sand with the same sku number... that's why I included the photo....
this is th Home Depot sku# that shows up on the receipt. sku# is 578819


Thanks Geoff... I didn't have my receipt....
Buzz_Hog said:
Thanks Geoff... I didn't have my receipt....
i kept it around just for this reason. :D

Ya ,if you call HD you have to ask for the 578-819 SKU number
Hello everyone, I am new the the Reeftank community and let me tell you all that there is alot of knowledge in these forums alone. I cant belive how much I have learned in the last few days. You guys and girls really know your stuff. I am currently setting up a 46 gallon bowfront tank and I just returned from home depot to pick up a bag of sand. The bag that it came in looks exactly like the one posted but it does not say southdown on the top. It is made by old castle. I wanted to ask you guys first before I just put it in is it safe to use it.
Yes, Southdown has changed it's name.... You're good to go...
hey you guys and gals, i cant seem to find it down here in san diego, i'm taking a drive up to l.a. next week but if someone can help i would appreciate it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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