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missed the meeting. Got in town from school friday afternoon, worked on the car til 3am saturday, got up at 10 worked on it til 10. Got up this morning and FINALLY turned the key.

First time ive heard my money pit run in 18months. New paint job, new front end, new bumper, and tons of other crap since last time it was on the road. Did the paint and everything myself selling off old parts to pay for it all.

I'd say its faster than its ever been but thatd be an understatement, it treated my drag radials like pizza cutters on my quick test run post cam break in.:bigeek:

Doug i just got your voicemail today about the meeting. My phone has been off since i got in town.

In short, was just bent on getting the car done finally. I'll make next meeting for sure. If a few people want to get together for some grub and fish talk again one night this week just let me know.
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