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Sorry can't make it.

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Due to the craziness in my life right now I won't be able to attend tonights meeting. Sucks but hopefully next month.

If somebody could make a quick announcement about the club merchandise and let everyone know there will be a post comming soon alone with a link from our website.

Don't get crazy in the BOD meeting --- I don't want to have to send my boys up to Atlanta to slap some hands :eek: :funny:
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I already had the announcement about cafe you are covered. Thanks! The BOD will be short and sweet!
I knew you would be on the ball Andy.
BoD Meeting? Did I miss a post?
Hey Charles!

In the BOD meeting, I did bring up the following as you had requested:
1) Not to have our next BOD meeting appended at the end of the general meeting. Conclusion: We agreed not to append it, and to have it at some outdoor cafe type place on a separate week night.
2) Discussed CafePress @ $5/month which would allow us to mix and match front and backs on the same product (e.g., white T-shirt could have 4 variations). Conclusion: BOD agreed to table the decision and wait to see how the current method works out. (BTW, I did place an order last night for the golf shirts, mugs and bumper sticker.)

You were missed at the BOD meeting,

Thanks Bob
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