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Some eye-candy

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Since I am at home fatigued because my 3:30am flight had a mechanical (luckily we didn't have passengers anyway) and I am are some pics of the corals I tried to take this'll have to excuse poor grammar and any spelling mistakes. 3 1/2 hours of sleep doesn't exactly make ya sharp...



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lime green acro..unfortunately camer doesn't capture the color too well..

I will take some more this afternoon afte the halides come on..


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geshields said:
(luckily we didn't have passengers anyway) 3 1/2 hours of sleep doesn't exactly make ya sharp...

A couple of questions or comments.

When you don't have any passengers does that mean you get to do barrel rolls with the plan ;)

3 1/2 hrs of sleep does not give me much confidence in your flying abilities ;)

Your corals look good.

A barrel roll has been accomplished in the 727 before...many times...

Bus to Cancun would be a long trip...btw David, clear out your PM box..

Here are some more pics with 1 of the halides on...


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Yep..on purpose...

When Boeing first came out with the 707. The test pilot's nickname was Tex. The demonstration for the airlines was over Lake Washington in Seattle. The airline execs were out on boats by the I-90 bridge that connects Seattle to Mercer Island to watch the demonstration and flyby. Map link Tex was the chief test pilot and was Captain of the 707. As the plane was approaching Lake Washington from the north, he starts the airplane into a barrel roll and zooms past the airline execs. Tex is thinking, maybe they won't believe it if they saw it only once. So on the way north again, he does another barrel roll just so there is no question to what they saw.

Little airplane history least the story did have water it is sort of on topic..hehe

how'd you know what he was thinking?...tex wink, wink ;)
Cool story!
BTW what kind of planes do you fly?
tex can't say because its all "classified" n stuff but its a stealth bomber.
LOL @ Rich. I wish I could even claim to be Tex but I am not that adventurous. It is a true story however. I read a book about Boeing's history in college. It was in there. I have never rolled an airplane in my life nor do I ever want to.

I fly the 727. I thought you knew that Stan..

Hence a new nickname is born.

Reminds me of the time we went to a Michigan/Iowa game in Ann Arbor. After the game we went to a bar and convinced the waitress then the entire staff that one of us was Hayden Fry and we were all his assistant coaches. From that day forward one of the more senior in our party that day picked up the nickname Coach. Talk about a digression....

Nice pics Tex!:funny:
Energy said:
BTW what kind of planes do you fly?
I'm sure it's an airBUS of some sort...haha

Cool.. Big Jets fascinate me.. its really incredible how someone can fly and control such a huge machine.. Like.. how do you know when your wheels are gonna land on the ground? I would have a height perception problem there.. I would be thinking any minute now the wheels should be touching.. then BLAM.. I would slam that big bugger into the dirt.. and wheels and pieces flying.. :eek:
My dad was a crop duster. He would spray the farmers fields with herbicides and pesticides. I would "flag" his fields which meant I was a human marker. He would line up on me on one end of the field and I had to run to the next spot before he got to the other end. He flew about 4-10 feet off the ground while cropdusting at 110+MPH. He flew right under the power lines which go across the roads. That was the scariest stuff I have ever seen. Luckily he survived his career, many of his fellow crop dusting buddies didn't. He landed a bi-plane upside down in a cornfield, smashed a helicopter and totalled about 3 other planes during his career. I think flying stories are absolutely fascinating.
That one is gonna stick.
Tex it is,
Ps Tex, I couldn't make it this weekend still got that frag?
looks great! :)

I prefer my feet on the ground most of the
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