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So the woman of the house want to build a big tank in the wall for more aggressive fish... The tank size I thinking I will need is around 180 to 240 i really want to have a shark not sure what kind and I also like triggers and she wants to have a lionfish.. I need to no where I need to begin with this and and maybe the size of sump that I would need t o build pretty much what to I have do to make this dream aquarium haha any help would be greatly appreciated from starting the build to care for certain sharks or other really fun predators and if anyone want to donate sometime and assistance haha I am fairly new to saltwater... I currently have a 75 I started with fish and a few corals but I feel we would like something bigger and more furious haha. Thanks for reading

O andif anyone has big tanks or equipment let me kno interested in buying used save some money also I attached pics of my current and first marine tank tell me what ya think but dont be too mean lol thanks again


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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