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I have snails everywere!! Could this be a problem? They seem to be reproducing every second of the day. Is there any way of controling them? or should I let them be? :eek:
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First off...WELCOME to TRT! Glad to have ya on board!

Can you describe your snails? Or have a pic? that would better help us to help you. :)
I have mexican grazers, and a pointed shell snail not sure of the name. still new to this. The snail that are everywere are rounded shells like the mexicans, and are brown and white, and some are pink. Will try and post a picture but they are very small.
Welcome to TRT!!!!

a pic would help a lot. i just let my nassarious and ceriths snails go to town.

You can always send me a whole bunch.... No really....:D
I bet you they are these snails!
These are probably not harmful at all. They are most likely a small species of the Genus Arene (Astrea) or possibly of the Genus Macarene snail. The differences are minute as the two families are closely related. They are perfectly reef safe and will graze film algae at night. They can reproduce quickly, becoming a small army in a short period of time.


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:beer: Thanks alot everyone that last picture is it!!! they are everywere. I think I need snail birth control. :funny:
cool shot Johnny:)
I had tons of those they seem to go through cycles of population growth and decline. If they are reproducing like crazy you probably need them.
I agree laddy00! Sometimes I see alot at night and then they thin out due to starvation, predation or salinity change, etc. and then come back in full force!:)
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