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Smoking Zoanthid

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I have what I think is some type of zoanthid? It was a hitchhiker on a piece of LR. I’ve had it for about six months & it’s been growing in size until just recently it started to shrivel up & does not open up anymore? I just noticed this afternoon that there was what looked like white smoke coming from two of the steams? I will attach a pic from several months ago when I borrowed a camera from a friend.

Any ideas ? Here are my current water specks: PH = 8.2 / PO4 = 0.3 / NO2 = 0 / NO3 = 2 / NH3 = 0 / SG = 1.025 / Temp 82 degrees / The Ca is low 340 I need to get a new Ca test kit before I try to raise it!


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Thanks for the reply

Being a newbe I wasn't sure what they were :confused: from the pics I have looked at they looked more like the zoanthid than button polyps? but then again I haven't seen many good pics of button polyps? Thanks again for the reply!
Yea the color looks the same I can’t tell if they have the tentacles like mine do? From the pics I have seen the button polyps didn’t have long tentacles (except for the star polyps) like the zoanthids do? The only thing that I noticed is that they are all the same color (inside & outside) where as the zoo’s are usually two different colors?
Looks like everyone agrees that it is a Button Polyp :) But now I have another problem? I have had a dwarf angle several crab's & all my pod's die in the past week? I hade thought that it could have been from the white smoke like stuff from the polyp? I just had to remove most of my micro algae in my fuge because it also turned a light brown color and was also not growing?

Here are my current water specks again: PH = 8.2 / ALK =3.5 MEQ/L / PO4 = 0.3 / NO2 = 0 / NO3 = 2 / NH3 = 0 / SG = 1.025 / Temp 82 degrees / The Ca is low 340 I need to get a new Ca test kit before I try to raise it!

Have I over looked anything :( Any ideas :idea:
Nope I purposely have not added any thing to the tank because of the hair algae problem. Also the tank is only six or so month’s old I don’t want to rush any thing. I have been doing regular 20% RO/DI water changes? I just did two 20% change’s four day’s apart? I did treat the tank several month’s ago wit marine S.A.T. it did get rid of the hair algae but it came back? Not as bad as before but still enough to be a problem!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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