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Smoking Zoanthid

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I have what I think is some type of zoanthid? It was a hitchhiker on a piece of LR. I’ve had it for about six months & it’s been growing in size until just recently it started to shrivel up & does not open up anymore? I just noticed this afternoon that there was what looked like white smoke coming from two of the steams? I will attach a pic from several months ago when I borrowed a camera from a friend.

Any ideas ? Here are my current water specks: PH = 8.2 / PO4 = 0.3 / NO2 = 0 / NO3 = 2 / NH3 = 0 / SG = 1.025 / Temp 82 degrees / The Ca is low 340 I need to get a new Ca test kit before I try to raise it!


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Those look more like button polyps to me. They have the ability to shed a thin layer of skin. Which is how they keep algae and such off. What you saw as smoke, I am more then willing to bet was excess skin slowly coming off. Once they have shed, they should start to open up again. Mine occasionally do the same thing. Esp. when I disturb them. heh heh I wouldn't worry.
Heh heh, from what I can see, they look more like buttons, but I could be wrong. I think my site is still up.. in there, under the picture page, is a shot of my button polyp rock. Let me know if yours looks like them. :)
I just looked, the site is still there, but that is a terrible pic. I will try to get a new and better pic of my button polyps for ya. :)
Did you add anything recently before the die off?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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