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Gives you a lot more information on it. Never makes me feel good when the ad can't be proof read to get the typos/errors out though. Typical of Chinese made products.
5mm acrylic, doesn't say whether its cast or extruded. Biggest difference that would make is if you ever wanted to modify the skimmer. Lot harder to drill/modify extruded tubing than it is cast tubing.

Most reviews I found were from overseas so they wouldn't apply to the US version because of the difference in the pump (110V vs 220V). Curious about the pump on it. If its truly pulling 28W then it may very well be a pretty good skimmer.

I knew I had heard of the skimmer so I had to go find it.

Robert (Marineduud) doesn't usually steer me wrong.

Whether you decide to get it or not, can you send me a PM to let me know? Or, post it here? I would like to find someone who has one if you decide to get it. I think it would be worth it.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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