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Show me your Radiums!

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Can anyone show me a pic of a tank with radiums on it, it would be much appreciated:D

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it dosn't have to be your tank, even just one you found a pic of,

This is 2 - 400 watt 20k hqi radiums and 1 - 400 65k Iwasaki.
If I remember right, Tulock's "Natural Reef Aquariums" has a very good picture of 4 differently light tanks.
Hey Mojo, I really like the way you clelerly used angle and perspective to make that look really huge ;)
I really like the way you clelerly used angle and perspective to make that look really huge
Maybe Mojo could give us all a class on how to make 500+ gal tanks look even bigger. I just wish there was a way to stretch a 90 into a 250.:)
those are both really cool tanks:)
The Radiums only

2 - 400 HQI on a DUAL PFO.
Thanx FISH,
I was thinking that if I got them they would be too "Blue" for my taste

but.... those look really nice!

O well to late to change my mind I already got them ordered:D

they are 400's also

I was thinking about adding a couple of 10k or 67k Power Compact 96w to even em out a bit, or maybe even VHO

MY GOD there are sooooo many choices:p

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This pic is under a 400w Radium only/ pulse start driven.
Sorry, the above is with both Radiums on. This pic is with both 400w Radiums on and a center 400w 65K Iwasaki on also.
thats an great tank Douglas:)

I've got a center brace, how would I go about putting a center MH in there with out weakening it. I could do a lower wattage bulb?

Is that the plastic center brace, Ross? I have seen problems with them under 400w halides. Mine has two braces, but glass. Also my tops open, as its behind the wall and my lights are fairly high.

Actually the bubble pic, is with a bulb lower down, where one would normally run them under a hood.
yes it's plastic, I was thinking that if I ran a 250 or even a 175 ( at a very low kelvin to balance out the blue, probably a 65k or a 5k)

I can't really elevate the bulb higher than the others

Do you think it'll work?

Coral, I run the return from one of my refuges onto my plastic center brace to keep it cool .
My center 400 Iwasaki bulb is about 8 inches above the brace.
This is probably not for everyone but it works for me.
never even thought of that before
another question,

Is it possible to house alot of clams under the radiums?

I've heard they like lower K, while the radiums are 20k, will they still do good under a pair of 400's

By the way this is on a 120 but I have a 4" sand bed so it is 20" of water to penetrate.;)

I keep a large derasa in my other tank and I HAVE TO HAVE MORE, for sure some croceas and squamosas:D

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