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I just broke my overflow box this evening while searching for a missing blue/green chromis. I am sick of the snail clogging overflow tubes and i want to drill my tank.

I would like to drill it towards the back and put a new overflow box in the tank. I am unsure just how I want it though... I have seen mojoreefs setup and i like the manifold that the water drains to...but noise is an issue. I could also put a external durso behind the tank also. I would only be able to drain half the tank, but i can get behind it, it is a 35 gallon hex. would their be any problems with attatching an acrylic overflow box inside towards the top of the tank while inhabitants are at the bottom? I have worked with acrylic before...just not sure if it can have water on it in such a short time.

could you please post picks of your tanks drilled at the back with or without dursos. I need to see something before i can replicate it.

Thanks again!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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