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Shipping to Canada

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Does anyone know of a website that will ship Live rock and live stock to Canada? I've been looking everywhere but apparently USP won't ship Live rock/stock here.

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there may be some customs issues with shipping anything live into canada. but i'm not sure. i know fedex wil ldeliver into canada though.. you may have ot buy it from someplace within the border..

btw: what part ya from? i hail orginally from Montreal
The only place i can find within canada is J&L aquatics in vancouver. and they would charge $265 just for shipping to Halifax. even with exchange and duty i there's gotta be somewhere that will ship cheaper than that.
You may be facing an issue with shipping any livestock across international borders. I used to work in the Imports division for my company and there are ALL KINDS of issues/restrictions with shipping livestock across international borders. If the company you are planning on buying from has a fedex acct chances are they will be able to import the livestock for you. If not it gets MUCH more difficult.
Looking at there listing how much rock would you be ordering? They list Halifax and its $299.99 for shipping for 150 pounds of rock?? Plus the cost of your rock. You have to realize that is alot of weight to get shipped over night as live stock!! Price of PREMIUM FIJI ROCK $5.10 per pound. for a total of about 1100 buxs thats not to bad. If I were to buy it locally it would cost about 1600 buxs as rock around here is about 10-11 buxs per pound. This is Canadian dollars of course. Hope this helps you a little.

Gee Jay I used to live in Montreal to. All it takes to ship LR inot canada is to peices of paper worth 50 bucks a peice, and one of them is good for a year. The problem is that most stores couldnt be bothered. If you lived on the west coast I could help you out, but the east coast is to tough. What I would suggest to you is that you is that you contact canada customs and find this paper work and see if you can register it yourself, then possible one of the americans who lives on the east coast could help you from thier.

good luck, but its tough.

i would not ask anyone to try and overnight live rock. i'd get it shipped ground. 3-5 days. MUCH cheaper. then you are only looking at 15-25 per 50 pound package. though it may be more going into canada, and again, there are the import/customs issues.

i'd cal lor email some of those websites, (i'd start with premium) and ask if they have/do ship to cananda, and what the shipping costs would be.
thanks for the help, this is going to be a process
If youre going to ship to Canada try and find someone, provided the rates are reasonableenough, that will ship it with the USPS (US Postal Service) as it will eliminate the "brokerage fees" you will get stuck with by UPS and FED EX. I just sent someone in Canada some plugs, UPS by his request, and he paid almost as much in "brokerage fees" as he did for the plugs with shipping. After he emailed me about it, I had no clue about the brokerage fees (although he said he wasn't worried), I emailed someone up in Canada that I know through a "truck list" and he emailed me back some info abou shipping between Canada and the US. I'll post the info below...

Whenever shipping between Canada and US is performed (in either direction),
certain North American Free Trade documents must be filled out. UPS and
FedEx use their own brokers, and they screw people like crazy. I use an
independent broker who has an office in the US, as none of my shippers will
use USPS. They fill out the papers (which takes 2 minutes), charge me $20,
and then continue the shipping process via courier (included in the $20).

In your case, since you don't mind using USPS, I'd use them. When the
product gets across the border into Canada, gov't brokers do the necessary
paperwork for free, and then your customer simply gets dinged for GST (our
national sales tax, which UPS and FedEx both charge as well). If they need
it quicker than 2 to 3 weeks, then I'd tell them to get an independent
broker (they'll have them in the phone book) and you'll be able to UPS to an
office on the US side. The indepedent broker will then carry the goods
across, fill out the papers, and continue the shipping via courier. This
process will take 1 - 2 days for clearing, and then courier service is
usually another day. This will be in addition to however long it takes UPS
to get from you to the border.

If they really need it fast, then they'll be stuck with UPS or FedEx
sticking it to them. I was so irritated with UPS and FedEx when I started
up my business, I called each of them and told them to stick their bills.
They tried to ding me $150 for a $1000 item, which still only required 2
minutes worth of paperwork.
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