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Setup Finally Going- Rock has Arrived!

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Yippeee - picked up 90lbs. of caribbean and cultured rock today and got EVERYTHING going. Tank is a little noisy - we have to work on insulation in the cabinet by the sump. And lights are HOT! Boy - the ballasts get really hot - I think we'll have to rest them on a cooling rack of some sort so they don't sit directly on the wooden shelf. Also will have to cut some more vents into the cabinet for air circulation.

Here are some pics of everything going. (including my extra garbage can water reservoir)

Waddaya think.....I can't wait to get a flashlight on this rock at midnight.....I have already found a large brown starfish hitchhiker.......
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Here is a shot of the rock within the clouds....hoping this is still unsettled sand and not air bubbles.
Another one of the rocks closer up....isn't this exciting.....
Hey Doug - I don't get what you mean by the 18-in wall monster? Am I missing something (sometimes my kids seem to think I am.....)

And oooh - it is so tempting not to just pull all the stuff out of the nano and just put it in the big one now.....I know I know Patience Patience.......

Anyway - yea- whooeee those lights are hot. I only had them fired up for 1/2 hour to check things out and I am kinda scared. I better get a thermometer and monitor water temp for a few days to see how they affect it. I was actually wondering - won't I have more die-off on the rock if I don't light it....(I was told not to put lights on for 2 weeks)? Shouldn't I start lighting now???

Regarding the heat we'll definitely suspend the ballasts some-how and I think I have to get a bigger fan somehowi would rather not have to buy 5 more of the little 3 inchers......any suggestions?
Thanks guys - this morning I woke up and the water was all clear. I am glad you like the big rock - I was a bit worried about it in terms of how to attach all the coral and stuff but I think there are enough nooks and crannies so I'll be ok. I am sure the fish are gonna love the cave too! I'll post more pics next week after I add more stuff!
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