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Setup Finally Going- Rock has Arrived!

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Yippeee - picked up 90lbs. of caribbean and cultured rock today and got EVERYTHING going. Tank is a little noisy - we have to work on insulation in the cabinet by the sump. And lights are HOT! Boy - the ballasts get really hot - I think we'll have to rest them on a cooling rack of some sort so they don't sit directly on the wooden shelf. Also will have to cut some more vents into the cabinet for air circulation.

Here are some pics of everything going. (including my extra garbage can water reservoir)

Waddaya think.....I can't wait to get a flashlight on this rock at midnight.....I have already found a large brown starfish hitchhiker.......
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that's looking awesome!

i love the huge rock pieces, mine are all teeny compared! i gotta get some big rock in the new tank.

love the center cave.. very cool!
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