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Set up a 20g yesterday.

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I used southdown for the DSB. This morning the tank has not settled. It's cloudy as heck. I noticed that the sand is very thin, but I would have thought that it would have settled by now. Has anyone encountered this?
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don't panic, have seen tanks stay cloudy (completely unable to see through) for up to 48-72 hours with unwashed SD.

Mine isn't "murkey" but there is still a cloud, of course I have been adding water for three days so that is to be expected.

It will settle, make sure you don't have any power heads shooting right at it.
Hey Dave how come you have been adding water for three days! Kinda slow isn't it?:p
I just setup a 20L today with Southdown too. I decided to setup my Magnum 350 with a fresh paper filter to get rid of some of it. It has made a big difference in the few hours it has been on. I doubt it will eliminate the finner particles though.
welcome pista01 if you use southdown be prepared for it to stay cloudy for days if not weeks
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