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Selling everything.

$400 OBO (pickups only)
I can work on some pictures later. There is a bit of alge in there, but everything is healthy. I just dont have
the time to keep up with at this time. PM me to talk to me about it. Alot more than $350 was spent, my loss is
your gain.

Aquapod 12g
Aquapod stand
Test kit
Hydroflow rotation head
Sea clone protein skimmer 100g rated
Digital thermometer
Kent marine top off
2x 6g jugs for salt water
1x 7g jug for RO water
Fish net
Coralife Aqualight Power Center/Wave Maker Dual Timer

Stock list:
12lbs of Fiji live rock
15lbs of live sand
1 Sea urchin
1 Adult clown
1 Bubble tip anomene
4 Snails (not turbo)
1 Peppermint shrimp
3 Frags of pom pom xenia
1 Frag of zoas (purple with pink center)
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