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i am actively looking for a used tank, preferably with stand (though i will definately take one without one) that is of 65 gallons or larger capacity. i would prefer it to be a 3 or 4 foot tank, though a longer one at a good price would work (it just means more to spend on lighting).

i will be doing my tank upgrade either at the end of august, or at the end of september, depending on the cost of the tank that you have for sale.

feel free to pm me with anything that you might have in the garage, or if you are planning on an upgrade yourself, and would like to coordinate it so that your old tank leaves when the new one arrives.

i am prepared to buy a new tank, stand, and canopy but for one my dollars can go farther with a gently used system, and secondly, i like to recycle stuff so things to not go wasted.

please take the time to leak test the tank before you offer it if it has been in the garage for a few years... a tank that holds water is an important attribute to me in my search for the next home for my pets :)

at any rate, let me know...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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