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I still would like to take you up on your earlier offer. I could not make it that weekend but could do it this weekend. I have beer too :) I would not really want anything free. I would trade you a future trade or we might pick something out to buy that we both want I would buy it and then we would frag it when appropriate. I do have few things I could trade now. I started out with these things and upgraded already. For example:
I have a JEBO 480 Protein Skimmer (hang on) with pump. I replaced the JEBO with a new Euro Reef CS 6-3 in sump skimmer. Now I need to upgrade my sump as it is far too small. I plan to add a additional sump onto the old one.
I also have a Coral Life 175 watt MH Pendant with programmable electronic Ballast with 10000k bulb. (I bought it used on ebay)
I have just bought two new MH fixtures and two new VHO 5 foot tubes. I built a two new reflectors for the VHO's today. I should have the light fixtures working on my tank tomorrow.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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